10 tips for finding a job in Japan ESL 2023

Japan a fascinating and mysterious country, with its perfect mix of tradition and modernity, with a strong economy and an exemplary social organization, is a very attractive destination for curious and restless people from all corners of the world. If you are thinking of embarking on the adventure of traveling to the Land of the Rising Sun in search of work, or simply of living a new and fascinating experience there, be sure to read our tips for finding a job in Japan ESL .

Job offer in Japan

Japan recorded its lowest unemployment rate in decades this year . This is a clear indicator that the economy is working well again in the country of the rising sun after some years of stagnation. This fact, added to the high rate of aging of the population, makes the country increasingly open to welcoming young and qualified workers from other countries.

Despite this, foreigners who travel to Japan in search of work often find a reality they did not expect. Before making the decision to choose this country as a destination to emigrate and work, it is convenient to know the peculiarities of the Japanese, their ways of life, their way of thinking… Otherwise, the culture shock can be terrible.

Visas to work in Japan

You can travel to Japan to work with the following visas:

Spouse Visa : foreigners married to a Japanese man or woman can live and work in the country without restrictions of any kind.

Arubaito : student visa, which in turn allows you to obtain a work permit for 28 hours a week.

Work visa : it is usually managed by the company that is looking for qualified foreign workers. The authorities only grant this visa after a long and costly process in which both parties, employer and employee, must certify compliance with a series of requirements.

Tips for finding a job in Japan

Working in Japan… Sounds like a tough goal, but it’s by no means an impossible mission. The tips for finding a job in ESL our country will be equally valid and very useful, but these specific tips for the Japanese market will help you even more:

learn Japanese

With the exception of some trades such as English, Spanish, or any other language teaching, it is impossible to find a job in Japan without speaking and writing a little Japanese.

It is not a simple language, but with a little interest and effort, it can be understood and spoken. Writing is more complicated, as it requires more time and dedication.

Take a networking trip

As expensive as it is to travel to Japan if you are determined to try your luck there it is worth making a small investment beforehand and visiting the country for the first time (if you haven’t already).

You can take advantage of this trip to establish previous work contacts and get an idea of ​​what life is like there, not for a tourist, but for a foreigner who is considering changing his life. The hours, the food, the weather, the people… Everything is different in Japan.

Access from a multinational company

Perhaps the fastest and safest way to access the Japanese labor market is through a foreign company located in the country. The authorities do not put any obstacles to foreign workers from a multinational moving to Japan, as long as they have been employed by the company for a minimum of one year.

Avoid working irregularly

Many try to bypass all the strict and boring Japanese bureaucracy and simply get their tickets to travel to Japan like any other tourist and try to get a job there irregularly.

This is a serious mistake because those who dare to do it always end up discovered. The consequences are serious: they can be detained and expelled from the country and probably be banned from Japan for life. Not worth it.

Find the jobs the Japanese can’t do

Many foreigners who work in Japan (even without mastering the language well) have gotten their job thanks to some knowledge or skill that the Japanese do not have and want to acquire: Spanish teachers or flamenco dance teachers are some of the clearest examples. , as this video shows us :


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