The Revolution Is Here, Edje Electronics Develops Biometric Reader for Cats

Admittedly, I am writing this article just for fun, but it is also pretty cool at the same time (🤓). In a concept released to the public for the first time on December 18th, the owner of Edje Electronics, a small business startup, has officially built the framework of a new cat biometric application, sending notifications via text message every time the system detects his pets want to go outside or come back in.

The biometeric system reader was written in Python script through TensorFlow Object Detection Software hosted on a Raspberry Pi server, allowing for a Pi Camera board to track the biometric facial expression of his pets every time they go near the back door to his house. Depending on how the animal moves or behaves, a text message is then sent to a phone letting its owner know if their pet wants to leave the house or come back inside. For example, utilizing the system featured in the video demonstration below, if the web cam picks up on a cat staring outside the door for ten second a text message is prompted and sent to a cell phone letting the cats owner know to let it outside – vice versa. A full tutorial on how you can go about setting this up for your pets, as well as what the system looks like, is available in the web tutorial below.

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