Ghostbin Servers Crashed for +48 Hours

** UPDATE: On December 25th 2018 Dustin Howett, founder/owner of Ghostbin reached out to Rogue Media Labs to announce that Ghostbin servers were down because he had run out of disc storage space for the website, and hadn’t gotten around to updating it due to the holidays. Ghostbin was back online and operational by mid day 12/25/2018. **

It has not been a very “Merry Christmas” for the popular web based copy and paste service known as Ghostbin, whose servers appear to have been crashed for the better part of the weekend – #TangoDown. Dating back to December 22nd 2018, all visitors to have been greeted with an “ERROR 503: Service Unavailable” message – indicating that the server is operating above capacity, or down for scheduled maintenance. However, given that Ghostbin never released a statement announcing changes or updates to its website, and there is currently no maintenance messages posted, what we are seeing is more likely than not the result of some sort of cyber attack against the service.

Interestingly enough, Ghostbin does utilize Cloudfare as an authoritative DNS protecting the front end of their name servers, but Cloudflare is only willing to stand in front of a website up until a DDoS attack of 1 TBPS. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time Ghostbin has been hit by a DDoS attack, but if this is indeed the case and Ghostbin isn’t simply just undergoing routine/scheduled maintenance, then we are all witnessing a world-class DDoS attack here.

As of the early morning hours of Tuesday, December 25th 2018, Ghostbin servers remain down and Rogue Media Labs has not been able to reach the sites owners for comment. At the present moment in time no one or groups has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the service has been down for a little over 51 hours at this point.

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