Qurlla Unveils Creation of New Credit Card BIN Checker

Yesterday “Qurlla” of New World Hackers announced the creation of a new hacking tool he calls “Credit Card BIN Checker v1.0.0,” a credit card checker with the ability to enumerate full credit card numbers using minimal information. Written in C# with Python API bypass scripts, the tool essentially works by brute forcing combinations of numbers based of a Credit Cards BIN number, eventually managing to crack and verify all of the cards details, including full number, Credit Card type, category, country, bank and CVV.

In an interview with Rogue Media Labs, Qurlla explained that you can go about generating credit card numbers two ways. First, you can randomly input made up BIN numbers your in hopes the cracker winds up matching it with an actual credit card number – such success depends a bit on luck or random chance, as well as educated guesses. Ideally though, the tool is designed for anyone whom has managed to hack a website or database file system containing partial credit card numbers or BIN account numbers. Using that database, one by one you can then input the data and wait for the Credit Card Checker to eventually crack/match the information. You can also use the tool by installing it on a breached account, which will then scrape the credit card details entered into it for every transaction.

To date Qurlla estimates that he has been able to successfully crack/steal 90 credit cards, and is currently selling access to them on a domain of his creation – (https://shoppy.gg). Qurlla is currently selling card with at least a minimal balance of $100 for $20 each, but eventually hopes to begin selling the hacking tool itself on various underground forums – for around $60. As for the source code, it’s encrypted, so good luck trying to figure that out.

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