Texas.gov & Florida.gov Hacked by New World Hackers, Access To Various Databases Leaked Online

This afternoon, December 31st 2018, “Qurlla” of New World Hackers announced the breach of two databases tied to the States of Florida and Texas. The first hack targeted the state website of Florida, exposing information of what appears to either be various state contractors or employees, including their names, addresses, emails and phone numbers – roughly 1,066 lines of data. The second leak effected the state website of Texas and contains much more detailed/sensitive information, including 83 website administrators full names, email addresses, user login names and passwords. Additional information leaked from the site exposes access to the sites user database contents, as well as video files.

In a message to Rogue Media Labs, Qurlla explained how his group was able to hack both the websites via SQL Injection, presumably through a vulnerability tied to the sites back end. However, the exact URL’s effected or payloads delivered were not disclosed online. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, Qurlla did tag the states of Texas and Florida in the leak, meaning that there is no discernible timetable as to how long the credentials exposed online will remain valid – if you were interested in poking around, that is 😉.

Websites Targeted:


Texas.gov Leak: https://ghostbin.com/paste/ceeom
Florida.gov Leak: https://ghostbin.com/paste/zaq2y

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