Brasil’s Partido Democrático Trabalhista Hacked, India’s Nadimpalli Satyanarayana Jaju Institute of Technology Defaced by Warriors Crew

Late last night, January 4th 2019, “Warriors Crew” announced a hack of Brasil’s National Democratic Labor Party (PDT), managing to breach the parties website and release cloned copies of its databases online. At the present moment in time the hack does not appear to be partisan related, with hackers within the group explaining how they currently have root access to 5 other Brasilian political party websites. Meaning that the hackers are simply hacking Government websites just to hack Government websites – nothing more to it than that, really.

Given the sensitive nature of the information contained within the website itself, at least for the time being, Warriors Crew has declined to share the exact vulnerability effected granting them full access to the site. Similarly, they have also declined to share any administrator level login credentials uncovered. Warriors Crew has merely posted the leak provided below to serve as proof that they have indeed accessed the website, and could theoretically do so again at any time if they really wanted to. 

Website Hit: hxxp://

No photo description available.

Completely unrelated, a day before that on January 3rd 2019, Warriors Crew also announced a hack of India’s Nadimpalli Satyanarayana Jaju Institute of Technology, carried out under the banned of #OpEdu – a much larger international hacking operation targeting various institutions of higher learning worldwide.

Alvo: hxxp://

Screen Shot:

No photo description available.

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