India’s Jamal Mohamed College Hacked by New World Hackers, Student Email Archives Dumped Online

Two nights ago, January 25th 2019, a member of the New World Hackers group going by the name of “Mizaru” claimed responsibility for the hack of Jamal Hohamed College in Khajanagar, Tiruchirappalli – India. Comprising of over 3,200 lines, this is one of the largest data leaks I have ever seen Mizaru publish. This is also because it contains the personal email messages/exchanges of hundreds of students, as well as a full database of university staff members – including their full names, positions, emails and contact information. On top of having their emails exposed, the hackers also managed to uncover and release even more student data, including their course catalogs, contact information and home addresses.

Browsing through the leak, Mizaru also made it quite clear that they were originally able to compromise the website via SQL Injection, granting administrator level access/privileges over the entire site.

Target: hxxps://
Data Leak:

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