Polícia Militar do Amazonas Hacked, Personal Information of +100 Police Officers & +300 Staff Members Leaked Online

Over the weekend sensitive information regarding the Military Police of the State of The Amazonas was hacked and dumped online. The hack/leak has been claimed as the result of a joint operation undertaken by 4 hackers; “Kartovy,” “FoxGg,” “Heineken” and “Sr. St0rm” – though no official name for the group has been given, at least yet. Exposed in the leak is the personal information of more than 100 police officers attached to the unit, including their full names, state government email addresses, passwords necessary to log into their online accounts, as well as their personal telephone numbers.

Additionally, the leak also contains the login email addresses and passwords of 216 staff members affiliated with the agency, the login user names and passwords of 16 active duty military personnel also working with the division, as well as the full names, user names and passwords of 78 members of Oracle’s geo-security division – also run through the military police’s online platform. At the present moment in time it remains unclear how the hackers pulled off the hack or breached the website in the first place, but this in one of the most comprehensive data leaks of a police/military organization I have seen in quite some time.

View Raw Data Leak: https://pastebin.com/1v6guFJT

In a message attached to the leak, the hackers also left behind the following poem:

They say it exists to protect,
I know she can stop you,
I know she can arrest you,
Police for those who need it,
Police for those who need police Police for those who need,
Police for those who need police
They tell you to obey,
They tell you to answer,
They tell you to cooperate,
They tell you to respect

Browse Through Full Leak:


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