US Intelligence Community Publishes “Worldwide Threat Assessment” Report 2019

Yesterday, January 29th 2019, the US Intelligence Community released a 42 page report entitled the 2019 “Worldwide Threat Assessment,” explaining how cyber-threats continue to be the country’s single largest threat headed into the future- especially in regards to the 2020 Presidential elections. More specifically, the assessment decries that Russia, China, North Korea and Iran remain the US’s single largest cyber adversaries; the four countries most likely to engage in acts of cyber-espionage. Among other topics covered in the report include the ongoing tensions over Iran’s nuclear program, as well as discussions over the alleged demise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – a topic which has been hotly debated here in the US over the last couple of days, specifically because of the release of this very report.

Read Entire Report from US Intelligence:


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