Wikileaks Releases “Pope’s Orders,” Private Letters & Documents from Inside The Vatican

Earlier today, January 30th 2019, Wikileaks officially released their latest installment. Officially entitled “Pope’s Orders,” the leak comprises of 7 documents published from inside the Vatican, including handwritten/signed documents from Pope Francis himself. The documents themselves address an ongoing power struggle currently taking place within the Catholic Church, revolving around the ongoing practices and/or affiliations associated with a historical religious military sect of individuals known as “the Order of Malta” – a group of Catholic warriors/knights originally formed in Jerusalem during the 11th century A.D.

Believed to comprise of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of individuals, controversially so, dating back to the Middle Ages the Order of Malta has always been known to affiliate with various outside groups and/or political associations, such as the Free Masons. However, this is something that the Catholic Church has always condemned and on through to today, the Vatican continues to do as much as possible to dissuaded the Order of Malta from their outside affiliations and activities – unsuccessfully at that.

Essentially, this issue is at the heart of Wikileaks release here today; official reprimands from the Vatican addressed to the Order of Malta for what the Catholic Church deems to be conduct unfitting of a high religious order/sect tied to the Church. As such, the documents released by Wikileaks detail Pope Francis’ and the Catholic Churches ongoing struggle to reel the order in and keep them accountable. Most notably contained with the ‘Pope’s Orders’ are document advising the Order of Malta to cease all affiliations with Masonic sects, groups or organizations in the future, as well as reprimands from the Vatican for the groups involvement in the distribution of contraceptives.

Read All Documents Here:

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