Sudan Ministry of Defense Crashed for 24 Hours by __$ister of Pryzraky

Over the course of the last 24 hours or so, a hacker going by the name of “S1ster” aka “0x1st3r” of the Brasilian based hacking group known as Pryzraky has claimed credit for a prolonged DDoS attack targeting Sudan’s Ministry of Defense. The attacks started somewhere around 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time January 30th 2019, lasting up until anywhere between 3:00-4:00 pm January 31st 2019 – at least this is the last time anyone could confirm the site was no longer accessible to the international public. At the time of this article, roughly 4:10 pm on January 31st, the website is back up and running in its original condition.

The web attack itself was launched in conjunction with #OpSudan, an ongoing onslaught of cyber attacks against the Government of Sudan for their continued oppression of their own people. This is also the 2nd such prolonged/sustained DDoS attack against this particular website/agency over the course of the last month, adding to a separate DDoS attack launched by “M1rox” of Ghost Squad Hackers on December 27th 2018. Not only this, but a day after the DDoS attack on December 29th, another group of hackers going by the name the “Sudan Cyber Army” managed to hack the sites databases and leak approximately 53.3 Megabytes of data from it.

As for this newest attack, in statements made available to Rogue Media Labs, S1ster explained how she was able to launch the DDoS attack via a new botnet built by “Ergo Hacker” and “Zoord” – also members of Pryzraky. Unveiled to the public for the first time on January 29th 2019 and officially dubbed the Poseidon Botnet, S1ster explains how she was able to utilize the botnets API to carry out a udp flood style DDoS attack against Sudan’s Ministry of Defense – suspected to have been pulling around 10 gbps of traffic to crash the site over the period of the attack.


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