Universidade de Pancasila, Palestrante do Universidade de Pancasila & Awnings and Locksmiths Brasil Hacked, Databases Leaked Online

To close out the month of January, hackers a rogue group of hackers belonging to different groups including Artr0n, Al1ne3737, Jvuice e Dr4uz (BackboneSquad), Crimination e Lexy (TDA-Team), Malokin, Clust3r and CYB3R S4GE carried out a series of hacks and leaks effecting the University of Pencasila, the official website of the speaker of the University of Pencasila and Awnings and Locksmiths in BH, a local manufacturer of metallic structures inside Brasil.

The main hack of the Universidade de Pancasila on January 29th 2019 revealed sensitive information compromising the websites administrators, exposing the email address and password of 3 site administrators granting the hackers with root access over the back end of the website. The second hack of one of the Universities sub-domains, the Palestrante do Universidade de Pancasila, was a little more in depth – exposing root admin login information to the sites primary database, along with the title, usernames and passwords of 73 others, used to access other databases affiliated with the website.

Target: univpancasila.ac.id

Sub-Target: hxxp://dosen.univpancasila.ac.id

The last hack of Awnings and Locksmiths in BH took place on January 31st, in which the names, ID numbers and area codes of various customers were hacked. The site itself was also defaced.

Target: hxxp://serralheriaembh.com.br/
Data Leak: https://ghostbin.com/paste/cun5f
Deface: https://tinyurl.com/y7syyezs

Additionally, in a message attached to the hack/leak the hackers stated:

The Chronicles of the Cybernetic Sage Act VI 

“The Illustrious” “Hocus Pocus!” Houdini drowned in the mire. “What a pity, no!?” would be the speech of those responsible. They know that I am behind them, enlightened enough to be able to walk in the dark without attracting attention. I wonder why? Was it my false light? Was it, perhaps, a reflection of what Lucifer says he is to these pagans? I Do not know. I only know that I know nothing, just like the philosophers of ancient Greece, on planet Earth. I will not rest until I have drowned the heads of the false kings in the mire that they have given to the people. ”

All that is above, is below, as well as which is below, is above. Just 0’s and 1’s scattered on all sides. Why are so many cars stopped, operating in static?

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