– Jenking Group Inc. Hacked, 1,840 Clients Exposed In Data Breach

Earlier this morning an unknown hacker published the email address and passwords of close to 2,000 clients of a Michigan based company known as – owned and operated as part of a much larger subsidiary belonging to Jenkins Group Incorporated. A self proclaimed “Premier Publishing Book Firm,” the company specializes in assisting individual authors or corporations with publication services or the publishing of individual subject matter.

All told, 57.65 KB of data was exposed in a leak published to Pastebin this morning, comprising of approximately 1,840 clients. However, considering that the website features an online shopping cart, it is safe to assume that the information contained within the leak also grants access to any personally identifiable information entered onto the website by those clients – including financial records/data, contact information and much more.

Raw Leak:

Browse Leak:


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