Stories from Sudan: Reports of Murder & Cyber Espionage at The Hands of al-Bashir’s Government

Over the course of the last two to three weeks I’ve had a number of whistle-blowers come forward from Sudan, providing me with new information of Government corruption and crimes against humanity carried out under the political rule of dictator Omar al-Bashir. This weekend was no different. According to a new source who reached out to me on February 2nd 2019, Sudan forces raided a school and murdered a teacher – going as far as to shove a knife up her vagina in front of the class before her execution.

As a result, the very next day the same source came forward with a series of leaked documents in retaliation for the incident. The first document is a handwritten criminal report detailing the death of the teacher, as well as how/where the incident took place.

Criminal Report 2/2019:

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The second leak is a professional letter written on behalf of Sebastiano Cardi, a permanent representative of the state of Italy, addressed to the United Nations asking for any proof linking a company known as Hack Team Italy to criminal actions/activity carried out on behalf of the Government of Sudan. Consequentially enough, the third leaked document is a receipt from a contract totaling $480,000, written by secretaries at Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) and addressed to Hack Team Italy – half of a $960,000 payment/contact signed between the two parties in 2012.

Leaked Documents Provided:

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Interestingly enough, two of these leaked documents were also featured in the 2015 Wikileaks data dump of archived email collections belonging to Hack Team Italy, exposing the countries dealings with several Government agencies worldwide, including Sudan. Believe it or not, the centerpiece of Hack Team Italy’s leak was the company’s dealings with the government of Sudan, largely because of the country’s abismal human rights record. A large portion of the leaked material you can browse through below covers how al-Bashir’s government used Italian software, malware and exploits to remotely monitor, record and/or physically control the computing systems of Sudanese dissidents, activists, reporters and/or political figures.

In the leaked information provided below you can also find information relating to training manuals passed along to Sudanese Government contractors/agents, provided to them byHack Team Italy, instructing them how to use or utilize the software programs given to them. The leaks also highlight internal documents from political circles inside the Government of Sudan, including agenda’s, time-tables, events, targets and operations, as well as copies of contracts and various receipts – such as those featured in the images provided above. All told there are over 1,500 internal email messages included in the leaks, along with 32 documents available for download – though it should be noted that the majority of the files and/or file locations have since been corrupted and therefore can no longer be downloaded.

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