Constituents of Brasilian Congressmen Jesuino Boabaid Hacked, Personal Data of Over 400 Voters Leaked Online

Early this morning, February 7th 2019, “Ergo Hacker” of the Brasilian based hacking group “Pryzraky” announced a hack and data leak effecting Brasilian Congressmen Jesuino Boabaid, a member of the Party of National Mobilization (PMN) currently serving as State Deputy in Rondônia, Brasil dating back to October 2018. In a leak made available to the international public, Ergo released the email addresses, physical addresses, state election ID numbers, full names and telephone numbers of approximately 461 of Mr. Boabaid’s most steadfast political supporters/constituents – 110.76 KB of data in all. 

In a brief interview with Rogue Media Labs, Ergo explained that the leaked data was stolen from a database of registered voters attached to the Congressmen’s website. Ergo explained that there was absolutely no political or ideological motivation behind this particular hack, rather, he has just been looking for “big data leaks” as of late and as such, has been actively looking to target Brasilian politicians for this very purpose. To this point, Ergo also explained that he is currently sitting on a database of over 5,000 emails belonging to Brasil’s Botanical Society, but has yet to release the data to the public because he does not feel as though it is big and/or important enough. For the time being, Ergo will continue looking to exploit members of Brasil’s Government and its politicians.

This is also the 3rd such leak of a major political party in Brasil over recent months, adding to a hack of the Republican Party of Brasil on November 24th 2018, exposing personally identifiable information of over 2,700 party members, along with a hack of the Democratic Labor Party of Brasil on January 23rd 2019, exposing the personal information of 19 politicians.

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Raw Data Leak:
Backup Download for Data Leak (110.76 KB):

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