Anonymous CyberGuerrilla Releases Integrity Initiative & Institute for Statecraft Leaks Part 6

Yesterday, February 8th 2019, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla published their sixth round of Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft leaks. The leaks primarily focus on Christopher Donnelly’s dealings with various UK intelligence contractors and other Statecraftfellows,” detailing how the Institute for Statecraft and UK Government allocated millions of pounds towards the creation of public relations campaigns and other propagandist strategies throughout Eastern Europe – though primarily in the Baltic’s, which is prone to higher levels of Russian influence. Today’s leaks also document Christopher Donnelly’s long term visions for what he wants Baltic nations to think, feel or believe about the United Kingdom, as well as what the UK could do make Baltic nations feel worse about those ‘big bad meanie heads‘ in Russia over the same time period.

At least in my opinion, today’s leaks are particularly interesting because they really nail down various tactics used by “Clandestine” intelligence agencies to manipulate public opinion on certain issues. For example, in the leaked documents provided below you can learn how it was the UK’s intent to “use commerce as a tool of influence over public opinion,” essentially leveraging economies to make people feel better or worse, happier or angrier, about what’s happening inside their own country’s, as well as how Government agencies utilize “Corruption As A Weapon of War” – using extreme ideological approaches to smear elected officials and therefore manipulate public opinion about them, much like what we are currently seeing in Venezuela with President Maduro.

The leaks also chronicle the UK’s dealings with contractors at Edelman Intelligence, the self proclaimedlargest public relations company in the world,” detailing how the UK allocated millions of pounds of taxpayer money to Edelman Intelligence to produce P.R. campaigns designed to manipulate public opinion on/over various matters, as well as to counter-act Russian influence inside the region. Rogue Media Labs has backed up all of the documents and contracts below, hosted locally so that they can be browsed by the international public. If you would like to own all the documents for yourself, the entire leak is also backed up via an AnonFile located at the very bottom of this page – Happy Clicking!

In a message attached to the leak, CyberGuerrilla stated:

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

While the UK Government keeps on defying our demands for an honest and unbiased investigation into the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative’s meddling in domestic affairs of sovereign European states, Chris Donnelly’s team awkwardly try to justify their illegal activity paid for by the British taxpayers.

The Integrity Initiative’s German cluster held a meeting in Berlin on the 31st of January 2019. A well-known British intelligence officer Harold Elletson and the cluster’s chief Dr Hannes Adomeit co-chaired the event. They again made an effort to divert people’s attention from the organisation’s wrongful activity in the European Union. However their pathetic attempt has been shattered to pieces by irrefutable evidence that we have been and will continue to share with you.

Today we are talking about the way Chris Donnelly used his agents in the FCO to obtain millions of British taxpayers’ pounds through grant foundations: Conflict, Stability and Security Fund and Counter Disinformation and Media Development Programme (ex Russian Language Strategic Communications Programme). We demand that the organisations’ spending of budget money be subject to public control and their activity be absolutely transparent!

Here is the next part of the documents that show to the people of Europe how Donnelly intended to use the capacity of clusters that he had created in allied countries. People of Western Balkans would be especially fascinated to learn how he defended their democracy against disinformation in the 1990s-2000s.


Donnelly wrote the letter when he was preparing one of his bids for the FCO to allocate 5.5 million of British taxpayers’ pounds to the Institute for Statecraft and Edelman Intelligence.

It is quite obvious that the choice made by the people of former Yugoslavia was as far away from free expression of their will as in fact the UK government is from being transparent to the UK citizens.

By the way, Donnelly-the-puppet-master returns in 2019 to again defend the people of Western Balkans this time from corruption rather than disinformation:

His New Project:


Draft Plan:


Edelman Intelligence Planning To Contribute To The Integrity Initiative:


Alongside with Donnelly’s Balkans plans we publish the reports of the Institute for Statecraft’s Euan Grant working under the Integrity Initiative project.

His Key Performance Indicators:


In the following documents you can identify people who are one way or another directly connected to the Integrity Initiative. Their names should be very well familiar to you:


This is not the final part of the Integrity Initiative documentation we have at our disposal. In conclusion we would like to directly address members of the Integrity Initiative clusters for the first time. Some of you have proudly admitted being part of the project. Well, are you really that sure now about what you are doing under the slogan ‘Defend democracy against disinformation’?

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Original Press Release:
Download Entire File Archive (2.95 MB):
Backup Download of File Archive (2.8 MB):

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