Rahmatullah Model High School In Bangladesh Hacked/Defaced by M1r0x of Ghost Squad Hackers

Last night, February 8th 2019, “M1r0x” of Ghost Squad Hackers shared a hack and defacement of Rahmatullah Model High School in the capitol city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In a brief statement to Rogue Media Labs, M1r0x explained that, outside of the fact that they were just bored and it was easy for them to pull off, there was no real motivation behind this particular hack. Presumably, the school was hijacked/targeted because they claim to specialize in the technological development and training of its students, yet operate with an unsecured website and web server.

M1r0x also stated they they were not after, nor did they steal, download or leak any data/files from the website. Rather, they just changed some small things about it – such as the sites cover photo and the content/headlines of various articles featured on its landing page. For example, when you click on any of the websites featured articles, you are re-direct to a message reading “GSH : M1r0x – s1ege – Anonxoxtn – d4rkstat1c – h4x str0ke – Neckros – 3Turr – G4mm4 – Scode404” – listing off all the members of Ghost Squad Hackers. As of the evening hours of February 9th 2019, the website still remains in its defaced condition – perhaps indicating that M1r0x was able to lock out site administrators or that the school remains unaware of the incident.

M1r0x also took the hack as an opportunity to explain that 2019 will mark the end of ISIS, and that the group will be heavily targeting the Islamic State’s remaining online presence throughout the course of the year ahead.

Target: hxxp://home.rmhs.edu.bd/
Deface Mirror: http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/32189267

Screen Shot of Main Defacement:

No photo description available.

What Happens When You Click On A Hacked Link:

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