In One Massive Cyber Attack, Kurdish Hackers Hack and/or Deface 530 Websites Across Turkey

This is one of the hardest hacking events I’ve had to cover recently because the censorship in/around Turkey is so rampant and the hackers behind the attacks are so obscure. But according to a source inside Anonymous CyberGuerrilla, the same group of hackers behind the 2018/2019 Integrity Initiative hacks and leaks, approximately 530 corporate, private and Governmental websites across Turkey were hacked and/or defaced by a swarm of Kurdish hackers throughout the course of the last week.

More specifically, the hacks were carried out by multiple Kurdish hacking groups going by the names of Coldhackers, Mesopotamia Hackers, RojavaHack and PKK-HackTeam. Little to no traces of the aforementioned hacking groups can be found on the ClearNet, but what we do know is that Coldhackers, the primary actors behind this weeks attacks, were originally formed sometime in 2015 – and have presumably been carrying out attacks against enemies of the Kurdish people ever since, particularly against Turkey.

Learn More About ColdHackers:

What makes this news particularly interesting is the fact that the Government of Turkey has banned Turkish news outlets from reporting on the incident, meaning that the only way for the world to know about the hacks is for the hackers behind the incident to push the news coverage themselves – which is exactly why they decided to publish news of it through Anonymous CyberGuerrilla. For example, below you can find three photos released by the hackers documenting the attacks.

Screenshots/Photos from The Attacks:

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Additionally, in a message to the public attached to the initial release of the hacks, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla translated the following message from Kurdish:

Leader of the Kurdish people, in particular, we have a promise to our martyrs and our resisting people that we will continue our actions in the virtual environment as well as in all areas against the continuation of the isolation conditions that are not applied to any law or humanity, which is applied on all the oppressed and exploited leaders and people of Rêber APO.

We reiterate that we will continue our attacks in virtual environment as the virtual guerrillas of the President APO. In this context; As Coldhackers, Mesopotamia Hackers, RojavaHack and PKK-HackTeam, the fascist isolation on the President APO will end, and we will continue to make the most severe attacks, from the freedom of the President to the freedom and security of the APO.

According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, Hakkari, who are elected by the popular and popular votes of the Hakkari deputy, Leyla Güven, raises the ongoing hunger strike actions against the isolation in the regions of Strasbourg, Hewlêr, Galer, Russia, the TC dungeons, Kurdistan and different parts of Europe. We note that we have hacked hundreds of sites we have hacked in order to salute all hunger strike actions, especially President APO, and we have captured a lot of confidential and important information.

Again, here is the news site and page of our virtual attacks. The most powerful way to respond is to remain silent while attacking your enemies site.


This latest hack also comes on the heels of a separate incident involving the Government of Turkey, in which hackers claim to have stolen over 400 classified files belonging to a corporate manufacture of weapons and systems for Turkey’s Armed Forces earlier this year in the beginning of January. While the hackers behind the hack did not reveal much about themselves at the time, its strongly suspected that they originate from Greece – essentially claiming as much in their original press release. The hackers have offered to share the files with any/all interested parties, but no official leak has ever been published from them – including by/from CyberGuerrilla.

Rogue Media Labs has made several attempts to contact the hackers behind the breach, even going as far as to attempt to barter/trade for the documents and files in question, but have still yet to receive a response. For more information you can try to reach them yourself at

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