LulzSecITA Hacks Government of Sardinia In Support of Local Farmers

Earlier this week, February 12th 2019, LulzSecITA announced a comprehensive round of hacks and leaks effecting the Government of Sardinia, Italy. The hacks were carried out on behalf of something known as #OpSardegna, a local operation specific to the region of Sardinia – which also happens to be lush with farmlands. Consequentially enough, this was also the reason why these hacks were pulled off in the first place.

LulzSecITA is demanding new legislation be put forth protecting the farming industry and local farmers, by lowering the skyrocketing costs of milk and other organic goods and thus providing local farmers with additional income to sustain their practices. The hackers point to the fact that over 12,000 Sardinian Shepard’s and farmers have had to close their businesses due to volatility’s in the local economy over recent years – effects which have begun trickling there way down through all levels of Italian society. Through their efforts, the hackers hope to raise awareness on behalf of local farmers and do whatever they can to persuade local politicians to do more to protect them.

All told the Regional Council of Sardinia, Regional Confederal and Category Secretaries Board of the CGIL, CISL and UIL were effected, as was the Regional Procurement Bulletin of Sardinia. In a message attached to the hacks and leaks, LulzSecITA stated:

Hello Italian people,

Today we want to talk about a sad situation effecting one of Italy’s most beautiful regions – Sardinia. Sardinia is currently experiencing a very dark period in its history, specifically due to the greed of intermediaries within the milk supply chain.

It cannot be possible in 2019 for the cost of milk production to be higher than the cost of sales. We live in a nefarious economy obviously, but this cannot be sustained and it’s already killed over 12,000 Sardinian shepherds whose lives depend on sheep farming. It’s not fair that the price of milk is being manipulated by those in the market whom have nothing to do with its production – politicians.  

We here at Anonymous are in solidarity with those who are at the bottom of the food chain in our country, the farmers, whom wake up every morning and break their backs to produce all of the food we eat to sustain our own lives, but whom are paid so poorly to do so.  We demand that the Italian Government put forth new legislation supporting the farmers and boosting our economy, providing support to those sustaining the rest of us. To the the Government of Sardinia……


Hacks & Leaks 02/14/2019

Consiglio Regionale della Sardegna:

Target: hxxp://


Target: hxxp://

Bollettino degli Appalti in Sardegna:

Target: hxxps://


Sardegna Agricoltura:

Target: hxxp://

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