US Government Office of Accountability Releases New Report Advising Congress To Draft New Laws Mirroring EU’s GDPR Regulations

It really goes without saying, but when it comes to data protection, consumer privacy and cyber security legislation/regulation, the United States is falling further and further behind the rest of the developing world – particularly in comparison to our allies over in Europe. For example, I remember watching Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of US Congress in 2018, and I specifically remember him being asked the questions “do you think the European Union has a fundamentally superior system to the one we operate here today, specifically in terms of data collection and privacy? Do you think that the United States ought to adopt a new set of laws and standards here in America similar in many ways to what the European Union is doing over in Europe?” Questions to which Zuckerberg more or less responded with “yes.”

I only bring this up because just a few days ago the US Government’s Office of Accountability (GOA) released a 56 page report to US lawmakers essentially advising US Congress to begin drafting a comprehensive new set of laws, regulations and standards aimed at protecting the data of US consumers/citizens – laws which would rival the GDPR passed by the European Union less than one year ago. Now, I could write another +1,000 words about this news here for Rogue Media Labs, breaking it down in the smallest nuance, but would rather just provide you with the full raw document/report published by the GOA themselves – for you to draw your own conclusions from. Happy clicking!

Download Full Report for Yourself:

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