Polícia Militar do Estado de Goiás Hacked, +331 KB of Data On Thousands of Military Personnel Leaked Online

Less than 24 hours ago, February 18th 2019, “Al1ne3737” of the international hacking group “M1n3 B0ys” released a massive data leak effecting the Brasilian
Polícia Militar do Estado de Goiás. Contained within a text file comprising of approximately 331.05 KB of data, the leak contains the contents of eight databases extracted from the website. Honestly, there was so much data released in the leak that it’s almost impossible to all summarize here at once, but what I can say is that it features Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on thousands of military police officers and personnel, including their full names, email addresses, telephone numbers, physical addresses, IP addresses, CPF numbers, user names, logins and more.

Rather than try to summarize it all here, I invite you to browse through the leaked data for yourself via the information provided below – enjoy! This is also the second such major hack of a state office in Goiás, adding to a hack/leak effecting the Office of Internal Affairs on January 11th 2019. A hack/leak which was claimed by the Brasilian based hacking group known as “Backbone Squad.” It is also the second such leak effecting a major military police agency in Brasil, adding to a hack/leak of the Policia Militar do Amazonas on January 28th 2019, a hack/leak which was claimed by a hacker known as “Kartovy.

Alvo: hxxp://pm.go.gov.br
Raw Leak: Leak_pm.go.gov.br
Database Download (331.05 KB): https://anonfile.com/p8mbv0uebf/pm.go.gov.br_txt

Browse Through Full Leak:


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