In A Joker-ish Move, Hacker Dumps 100 Active Credit Cards Online Just for The Lulz

Going about my normal daily routine searching for leaked and/or hacked information online this afternoon, I found a leak unique enough for me to publish here today. In a move straight out of The Dark Night, an unknown group of hackers just kind of released 100 active credit cards – for like no reason. In fact, in a message attached to the leak, the hackers even state “this isn’t about money, it’s about power!” What’s perhaps even weirder though is the fact that they didn’t even reveal anything about themselves in the leak. All they stated was that we are “WIR,” providing no context whatsoever, not even indicating if this is some sort of acronym for something, nor did they leave behind any links, web pages, social accounts or means to get in contact with them.

It’s by far one of the most bizarre leaks I’ve ever stumbled across, which is why I’m documenting it here today. That and the news was a little slow this evening 😋.

Full Press Release:

Hacked by WIR

We came from Darknet.

Our Rules:

1. No System is Safe.
2. We aim for the Impossible.
3. Destroy our Enemies.
4. Have Fun in CyberSpace.

We are going to leaked 100 Credit Cards.

We don’t care about Money, This is about Power!

Good luck with you new Credit Cards

Full Raw Leak:

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