Transcript of Michael Cohen’s Testimony In Front of US House of Representatives

Earlier this morning, February 27th 2019, Donald Trumps estranged lawyer, Michael Dean Cohen, testified in front of the Committee on Oversight and Reform under the United States House of Representatives. What’s perhaps most interesting about his testimony is the fact that Cohen literally calls Trump a “racist, conman” and “a cheat,” and goes as far as to say he is ‘ashamed to have known Trump’ or given him his support (Pg 3). However, without a doubt the biggest news to come from his testimony were statements explaining how  Donald Trump had been in personal contact with Julian Assange and Wikileaks days before the initial release of Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s email leaks, meaning that the Trump camp was made directly aware of pending releases before the information ever became a matter of public record. Essentially, you could say that Trump was therefore “colluding” with Wikileaks. This would also appear to confirm 2017 reports that Donald Trump Jr. was aware of the Clinton/DNC leaks well before the information ever went public – something Trump Jr had previously adamantly denied.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and write a 1,000 word detailed summary of a 1,500 word testimony like everyone else, instead, Rogue Media Labs would rather just have you read through Cohen’s testimony for yourself – see below. But with that said, some of the other interesting points from his testimony I’d like to highlight are the fact that Cohen explains how Trump was in contact with partners in Russia in January 2016, during the full height of his Presidential campaign – something Trump has always denied since day one. Additionally, Cohen explains how Trump threatened to sue his high school and college if they ever releases his SAT scores or GPA, shedding light to just how small/petty Donald Trump as a man really is. For example, you might remember how Trump once called himself a “stable genius, I’m a very stable genius I think.” Because you know, everyone who is actually mentally stable needs to tell the world repeatedly how mentally stable they really are – right?……

Read Cohen’s Full Testimony:


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