SCode404 of Ghost Squad Hackers May Have Just Built A Botnet Capable of Producing The Largest DDoS Attack The World Has Ever Seen

For those of you whom might not be aware, just a few weeks on January 31st 2019, researchers working for the international cyber security firm known as Imeperva claimed to have successfully mitigated what would become the largest DDoS attack in world history. According to the data, January’s attack topped out at well over 500 million packets per second, nearly 4 times the amount of packets generated from a March 2018 attack against Github servers – an attack still considered to be the largest bandwidth consuming DDoS attack on record, topping out at approximately 1.35 Terabits per second.

Well, as it turns out, there may soon be a new record holder on the way. According to a message posted to Twitter on March 2nd 2019, “SCode404” of Ghost Squad Hackers claims to be in possession of a botnet capable of producing attacks topping out at just short of 3 Terabits per second. Officially named the “Uchiha Botnet” and used to launch Layer 7 DDoS Attacks, via a test run on Vedbex’s DNS resolver, SCode404 claims to have launched an attack topping out around 2,900 GB per second (2.9 TB per second) – a bandwidth level DDoS attack that would utterly smash previous record holders.

While Scode is remaining fairly tight lipped about their creation, at least for the time being, it does appear to be literal months in the making. I say this because dating back to a mid-January 2019 posting to Twitter, SCode announced that they ‘were back‘ and had begun the process of hijacking/exploiting hundreds of thousands of new devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) – primarily targeting the geographic regions of China and Korea via, the official search engine of the Internet of Things. For now though, SCode will not reveal to the public what their botnet comprises of, how they assembled it or built their source code, nor who/what their intended targets may be. When asked as much, SCode told Rogue Media Labsfor this I still keep it a secret.” I guess you will all have to just wait and find out with the rest of us, stay tuned….

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