Ahead of Aprils Presidential Elections, International Hacktivists Launch #OpAlgeria In Solidarity with The People of Algeria

In response to the increased crackdowns on protesters across Algeria, Anonymous hackers have announced the formation of “Operation Algeria” (#OpAlgeria), an operation launched in solidarity with the people of Algeria as they their fight for their freedom and Democracy. As for why Anonymous has decided to launch this operation now, it’s because, dating back to February 22nd 2019, people throughout Algeria have been protesting ahead of Aprils Presidential “elections” – protesting elections almost certain to guarantee a 5th term for President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, whom has served in office dating back to 1999.

Much like in other African nations over the course of the last several weeks and months, Bouteflika has used an authoritarian approach to law enforcement to dissuade protests from growing larger – going as far as to arrest 60 individuals, including the heads of two opposition parties running against him in next months elections. As a result, more and more people are stepping up to the table, joining in with the Algerian national protests and hoping to inspire others to join them. Consequentially, the larger these protests have grown, the more President Bouteflika has attempted to use his security forces to crack down upon them.

What’s interesting about theses protests is that the larger they grow, the more religious institutions around the country are attempting to get involved. Essentially, fearing that deaths, arrests and injuries are certain to come from them, local Imams are attempting to persuade people to stay home and remain peaceful – which has begun stirring up controversy within its own right. For example, below you can find a sample of religious debates presently unfolding throughout Africa as different communities debate the best way/means to go about handing the current situation unfolding inside the country…..

However, freely exercising your right to free speech is something no one in the world should ever be afraid to do. This is also why Anonymous has decided to launch Operation Alegeria in solidarity with the people of Algeria – supporting them in their fight for Democracy and a new Government. Using the attacks against Sudan as a point of reference, Anonymous wants President Bouteflika and the Government of Algeria to know that the more they deter peaceful protest and interfere with the peoples right to Democracy, the larger and longer the cyber-attacks will become. #OpAlergia is officially engaged…….

Learn More About The Situation In Algeria:

From Human Rights Watch: https://www.hrw.org/sitesearch/algeria
From Amnesty International: https://www.amnesty.org/en/search/?q=algeria&sort=date


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