Sudan National Police, Blue Nile Television Station & 19 Government Ministry Websites Crashed, Hacked, Defaced and/or Erased Offline Over The Last 24 Hours

It’s almost hard to believe at this point, but it appears as though activities surrounding “Operation Sudan” (#OpSudan) have only continued to ratchet up this week. I say this because, over the course of the last 30 hours alone, 20 websites affiliated with the Government of Omar al-Bashir (24 websites in total) have either been crashed via DDoS attack, hacked, defaced and/or had their servers completely cleaned and wiped offline. The attacks themselves are being launched by a wide variety of independent players at this point, including “Black Water Security,” “Security Ghost” out of Morocco, as well as”Demon Sad” of NewSecGroup and “Lorian Synaro” of Anonymous.

#TangoDown’ed by Black Water Security:

Sudan Ministry of Culture: hxxp://
Sudan Ministry of Guidance and Endowments: hxxp://
Sudan Ministry of Labor: hxxp://
Sudan’s Ministry of Social Welfare: hxxp://
Sudan Ministry of Health: hxxp://
Sudan Ministry of Transport: hxxp://
Sudan’s Ministry of Industry: hxxp://
Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Trade: hxxp://
Sudan’s National Information Center: hxxp://
Sudanese Central Bureau of Statistics: hxxp://
Ministry of Cabinet Affairs: hxxp://
River Nile: hxxp://
Khartoum: hxxp://
Red Sea: hxxp://
South Kordofan: hxxp://
White Nile: hxxp://

Based upon their online social activity, it appears as though BlackWaterSec launched the attacks around 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time March 5th 2019 and at the time of this article, roughly 12:00 am Eastern Standard Time March 7th, all of the aforementioned websites still remain offline – at least the handful or so I checked personally. In a message attached to the DDoS Attacks, members of BlackWaterSec initially stated that “We are going to continue this $hit until our computers explode – lol.” So, it appears as though 28 hours later now, their CPU’s are still running strong…

#TangoDown’ed by DemonSad:

Sudan Ministry of Agriculture: hxxp://
MOFECA: hxxp://
Telecommunications & Post Regulatory Authority: hxxps://

#TangoDown’ed by Lorian Synaro:

Beladi FM Sudanese Radio: hxxp://
Ashorooq Sudanese News: hxxp://

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In a message attached to the complete wiping of the server belonging to the Ministry of Investment, BlackWaterSec stated “That feeling when a government website is so weak that a tiny private security firm can wipe all of it’s files from another country. Your secuirty is $hit.

Blue Nile TV – by Aziz Ezzaher of Security Ghost:

No photo description available.

Sudan Police – by Lorian Synaro:

No photo description available.

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