Motorizzazione Civile di Roma Hacked, 333 Government Employees Exposed by Data Breach

Earlier this morning, March 8th 2019, LulzSecITA announced a hack and leak effecting the Motorization Department of Rome (MIT) in Italy. Exposed in the data breach are the full names, passwords and login credentials of approximately 333 government employees employed by the department. While the hackers claimed this particular hack was carried out simply “for the lulz,” it was indubitably tied to one of their internal operations known as #OpGreenRights – a much broader hacking campaign raising awareness on behalf of environmental issues, such as vehicular carbon emissions.

In a message attached to the leak, LulzSecITA stated:

Hello citizens,

Today we want to focus on cars, always in our commitment to a cleaner world. In 2019 we find it inconceivable that most cars still operate on fossil fuels, and that incentives to make the move to cleaner forms of energy are either useless or non-existent in most cases. For this reason, strongly we say NO to a policy focused on oil, a primary cause of environmental disasters and countless wars in the world.

Additionally, the hackers also used the data dump as a teaser of sorts for their next release – indicating they may have hacked Virginia Raggi, the current Mayor of Rome. I say this because in their release of the data on social media this morning, LulzSecITA tagged the mayor in a message reading “What do we do, take her off her license.” Later adding “Happy Women’s Day Mayor Rays!!” in an article posted on the groups website featuring the leak provided below.

Target: hxxp://
Data Leak:
Leak Backup (38.78 KB):

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