Cyber Attacks Against Government of Argentina Continue On Into The Weekend

Talking with at least some of the hackers involved in a recent wave of cyber attacks effecting the Government of Argentina this week, there appears to be no common motivation behind the attacks whatsoever – political or otherwise. Essentially, I think at least some of these hackers were just bored and looking for something to do – the literal definition of doing something ‘for the lulz.‘ Others, such as “Al1ne3737” of “Pryzraky,” say that the hacks were pulled off because they “hate” the country, and believe hacking them is in the best interest of their future, because “their security is $hit” – lol.

Dating back to March 6th 2019, the official website belonging to the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, has been crashed by two separate hackers/hacking groups going by the names of “Gow_Th_ër” and “Anonymous Argentina.” Meanwhile, the websites belonging to Argentina’s National Congress and online electronic Electoral Platform have also been crashed. Additionally, Al1ne3737 has also managed to hack the websites belonging to Customs Dispatch Center of the Argentine Republic, the Center of Tourism of the state of Pueblo Belgrano, the Pharmaceuticals College of Cordoba, Policia Misiones and the Industrial Production’s web portal of the Republic of Buenos Aires.

The leaks attached to the hack of and were also significant, exposing the full names, usernames, emails and passwords of over 1,300 registered belonging to the industrial sectors website, along with the names, emails, telephone numbers and passwords of 1,864 Argentinian Police Officers. It also appears as though Al1ne37373 got a little bored with the leaks because, instead of providing the rest of the leaks in file form, she just decided to leak the locations of  vatious SQL Injections (SQLi) affiliated with 9 other websites around the country – lovingly including a message reading “F*CK YOU ARGENTINA” accompanying the release of all the data.

Attacks Against Argentina 03/07 – 03/09:

Pro – Plataforma electoral: hxxp://
Congreso de la Nación Argentina: hxxp://
Presidencia de la Nación: hxxp://

Bienvenido – Pueblo Belgrano: hxxp://
Colegio Farmacéuticos de Córdoba: hxxp://
Policia Misiones: hxxps://
CDA – Centro Despachantes de Aduana de la Republica Argentina: hxxp://

Raw Leak:
Data Download (309.43 KB):

Other Argentinian Targets & Their SQL Points of Failure:


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