Introducing The Rogue Publishers License International Version 1.0

I decided to create/publish this license essentially to null any and all changes to existing Copyright Laws or Directives currently being undertaken by the European Parliament. Officially called “The Rogue Publishers License,” it is my best attempt to free up content and circumvent various existing international Copy Right Laws, whilst also ironically complying with the terms and conditions of pending changes to existing Copyright Law due to be added by the European Union next month – namely Article’s 11 & 13. In many ways, it can also be considered a simplified alternative to Creative Commons Licenses.

Read Full The License:

While I have included a file copy of the license for users to attach to their sites and/or content above, the official language of the Rogue Publishers License contract reads as follows:

1.) A Rogue Publishes License relinquishes a publishers claim to any and all rights afforded to them under the Berne Convention, the European Parliament’s Directive on Copyright In The Single Digital Market, or international Copyright Law.

2.) So long as this license is directly attached to or accompanying the website, page, posting, article or picture accompanying it, a publisher can not deny you your right to freely republish, refurbish, edit or alter their original content.

3.) By attaching this license, the original publisher, artist, owner or creator of a given piece of digital content can not deny you the right to full editorial control over their original content for re-publication.

4.) By attaching this license to digital content, the Rogue Publishers License constitutes a – de facto – mutually agreed upon contract between an original publisher and anyone whom would like to use their content, which neither party can ex post facto revoke without the consent of the other.

5.) A Rogue Publishers License applies only to the content it is directly attached to, and does not apply to every literary work, publication, picture or content contained within a website, social platform, online portfolio or the like of the contents original owner/publisher.

6.) The original creator/owner of any given piece of online content reserves the right to edit their original content at any time, without notice – completely independent of whatever anyone else has decided to do with their content.

7.) In order to use/fulfill this license, you MUST give credit to the original creator or owner of the content you are sourcing, along with a direct hyperlink back to their original content. Failure to comply with clause 7 constitutes intellectual property theft and negates any other rights afforded to you under this license.

How To Use?

Simply Attach, or Copy & Paste The Hyperlink To The License As Such: Rogue_Publishers_License.txt

– or –

Attribute Your Content As Such:

This content, (Insert name of article, photo, website or digital work), is free and open source, published under an internationally recognized Rogue_Publishers_License. You are hereby free to republish, re-edit or re-use this content at your discretion, so long as this license is directly attached to it and my original work attributed.

That is just a sample or example, obviously, but if you have anything to add, or that you think I am missing, or any feedback/criticisms in general, you are welcome to submit it to me at: BrianDunn@RogueSecurityLabs.Ltd

And remember folks, everyone goes Rogue every once and a while 😉

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