#OpElephants: D3fS3c Hacks The Government of Laos To Raise Awareness Against Elephant Trafficking Into Asia

This afternoon, April 3rd 2019, a new group of hackers going by the name of “D3fS3c” announced a hack/leak of the Government of Laos. The hack was carried out in conjunction with an international hacking/public relations operation known as “Operation Baby Elephants” (#OpBabyElephants), designed to raise awareness on behalf of the capture/transportation of elephants out of the wild in Africa for commercial exploitation inside Asia.

To date, the operation has seen a hack if Zimbabwe’s National University of Science and Technology, as well as the doxxing of several public companies/government agencies known to have participated in elephant smuggling – including 100’s of emails of individuals most closely related to the trade.

Learn More – #OpBabyElephants: https://roguemedialabs.com/?s=%23OpBabyElephants&x=11&y=23

Today’s leak is a little different, exposing sensitive information tied to the Government of Laos, including hundreds of emails, IP Addresses and Passport numbers, as well as information on several Government contractors. You can find this information and more via the leaks provided below. Considering that the Twitter account behind today’s leak has already been restricted, I took it upon myself to back up the information personally – enjoy!

We are D3fs3c, a group who fights against perpetrators, offering our beloved friends over the Internet some Lulz.

Over the last month we have proudly observed our brothers and sisters working hard on behalf of #OpBabyElephants, with the goal of raising awareness against the trading/smuggling of baby elephants in the name of populating zoos across Asia, primarily in China.

We have collected evidence not only against African States involved in the business, but also many Asian Governments, Loas included.

For this reason we have classified information related to radio equipment and frequencies, firearms manufacturers, manufacturer serial number, Passport ID’s and other Diplo information.

Enjoy the Lulz!

Target: hxxp://phetsarath.gov.la/
Original Leak: https://pastebin.com/raw/2T6Zj5CD
Data Download (Backup): https://roguemedialabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/2T6Zj5CD.txt

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