NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, UAE’s Sharaj Exports Development Center & Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute of Brasil Hacked by Al1ne3737 of Pryzraky

Last night, April 8th 2019, “Al1ne3737” of “Pryzraky” announced a hack/leak associated with 3 different international organizations – NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory in the United States, the Sharaj Exports Development Center in the United Arab Emirates and Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute of Brasil. While leaks effecting the USA and UAE were simply limited to the names and passwords of site administrators, granting access to the back-end of the websites, the leak of the Mackenzie Institute was significant – literally over 1 Megabyte (MB) of data contained within a text file.

The file itself contains the names, emails, cell phone numbers, accounts and passwords of countless thousands of individuals – one of the largest text files I have seen in the last half year of online leaks. The file itself is contained below, and is certified safe to the public.


NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory: hxxp://
Sharaj Exports Development Center: hxxp://
Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute: hxxp://

Data Download (1.72 MB):

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