FBI’s National Academy Association Hacked by PokemonGo Team, 203 MB of Data Leaked Online

While the internet is just catching on to the leak for the first time today, two days ago a group of hackers calling themselves “PokemonGo Team” released the contents of a leak effecting the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. More specifically, the hackers appear to have breached 3 websites belonging to the FBI’s National Academy Associationa collection/association of various offices offering law enforcement training and consultation across the United States.

While not much is known about the hackers or their backstories, and they are new to social media as of April 2019, they do appear to be highly advanced. Not only are they building their own websites, but they’ve also released the source code of their very own ransomware variant and claim to be in possession of several important/critical databases worldwide. Perhaps most importantly or interestingly, the hackers claim that the hack/leak of the FBI was nothing more than a publicity stunt, so to speak, because they are actually in possession of much more interesting/valuable information that they’ll begin selling as soon as their website is complete. Essentially, the release of FBI data was meant to show how serious they are – as well as to attract the attention of future buyers.

The leak itself is significant, including enough sensitive information to scare off some of the tech worlds largest websites from wanting to go near or publish it – see TechCrunch’s so-called reporting on the leak. More specifically, the meat of the leak contains personal records of nearly 4,000 individuals across the FBI, Secret Service and local/state law enforcement offices nationwide. You can find a link to the data leak, as well the password needed to decrypt it below. Rogue Media Labs has already downloaded/decrypted the file and can confirm that it is 100% safe to the general public – enjoy!

Press Release: https://pokemongo.icu/?page=news&name=fbiinfoleaked
File Download (203 MB zip): https://pokemongo.icu/files/fbiinfo.zip
File Decryption Password: pokemongo.icu

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