Pinoy LulzSec Releases Leak of Zoom Couriers Incorporated, A National Delivery Service Operating Out of The Philippines

So, I’ve decided to redact the location where I originally found this leak today, because the group behind it has already had their accounts suspended multiple times in the past, and are actively plotting new attacks for May 13th 2019 – the date of National Mid-Term Elections across the Philippines. Quite frankly, I want to see what they produce – especially in light of recent news surrounding the group. But, without any further adieu, according to a leak posted online April 23rd 2019, the international group of hackers known as “Pinoy LulzSec” announced a hack and leak of Zoom Couriers Inc, a delivery services courier operating out of the Philippines similar in many ways to UPS here in the United States.

Contained within leaked files dumped online are Microsoft Excel documents exposing Zooms customer emails, user names and other personal information, such as their personal phone numbers attached to various deliveries. Rogue Media Labs has downloaded the file and can certify the download is safe to the general public – enjoy!

Zoom Courier Incorporated: hxxp://
Database Leak:

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