Scores of Turkish Government Websites Deleted Offline by Azerbaijan Hackers

This past Sunday, May 5th 2019, Rogue Media Labs was informed of series of ongoing cyber attacks targeting the Government of Turkey. However, it must be noted that the social accounts, website and archive profile of the hackers behind the cyber attacks has since been suspended and/or taken offline – perhaps because of these very events. While the details behind the hacks are a little vague at this point, what we do know is that all of the websites were compromised via “SQL Injections” (SQLi), and the hackers behind the breaches refer to themselves as the “Azerbaijan Hackers.

After investigating, it does appear as though the hacks were indeed real. I say this because at one point earlier today both of the websites listed below were blank. Then, a little later in the day, after the sites had been restored, they were each flagged by my anti-virus as unsafe or harmful to visit – messages I have never seen attached to any Government run website, never mind multiple. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, the website, social accounts and web archive that originally featured news of the hacks was already been taken offline before I could view it – meaning that there is no telling how many sites were compromised. All I know is that the source behind news of the breaches told me that “a load” of Turkish websites had been “Hacked, Injected and Wipped Offline.” Should more details arise, I will publish an update as I receive them.

Confirmed Websites Hit:


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