Anonymous Launches #OpSafe2Play, an Online Campaign Designed To Clean Up & Protect Public Parks Worldwide

So, I write about this topic here today for no other reason than it’s something nice/unique, and some of my friends are running it. What I’m referring to is something known as “Operation Safe To Play” (#OpSafe2Play), a new Anonymous operation designed to spread awareness and inspire others to begin cleaning up and protecting public playgrounds around Europe and the United States. As explained by a press release posted to  “Rabbit Hole Forums” by its developer and founder, “Cypher Xero,” whom is also leading this particular operation…

During the warmer months playgrounds have been compromised by some sick individuals. For example, razor blades, broken glass, syringes have all been found taped or attached firmly to playground equipment with no other reason but to injure children while at play. This badly injures children and makes medical bills for parents, not to mention the heartache of wondering why someone would do a thing like this.

With this Op I propose anyone in a local park or near a play-set to check the equipment for safety and if anything is found to report it so it can be fixed or removed safely so children can play without the fear of injury. This Op would also put trusted people in the vicinity of parks that would also lower risks of child abduction which is also at an alarming high.

Keep our children safe and protect our future.

You can join the operation, contribute to it, or learn more through the forum link provided below. You can also contribute to spreading awareness by using the hashtag #Safe2Play on social media, posting information informing all of your followers about the ongoing situations occurring on playgrounds around the United States – especially as we head towards the summer season.

#OpSafe2Play Home:

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