Say It Aint So! Ghostbin Set To Close Permanently May 2019

Tis a sad day in internet history indeed. This comes as Ghostbin‘s founder/developer, Dustin Howett, has publicly announced that Ghostbin will be closing forever after May 2019 – theoretically any day now. As is featured in a new banner appearing on the header of all Ghostbin postings, the service explains how “Ghostbin will be shutting down in May 2019. Until then, all newly-created pastes will expire in 48 hours. If you’d like an archive of your pastes, go here..

Archive Your Posts:

However, if you are a regular reader of my website, the news shouldn’t necessarily come as much of a surprise. At two points in the past I have interviewed Mr. Howett here for Rogue Media Labs, and both times hes hinted that this day might soon be coming. For example, in an interview on February 17th 2019, Howett stated that “I hate running Ghostbin.” Explaining that “I spend hundreds of dollars a year and open myself up to significant legal risk to support a website that brings me no joy. Like: I started Ghostbin because I wanted there to be a place for iPhone jailbreak developers to share code with each other. That’s it. There isn’t an overarching goal related to fighting for freedom or openness of information or anything. I have to spend hours policing the content that goes up so the freakin’ sherrif’s department of some random city doesn’t subpoena me for some stupid nonsense.

This of course came less than two months after Howett shutdown his severs for the better part of a week before Christmas, later explaining on Twitter how…

There is no doubt that Ghostbin will be sorrily missed by the international hacking, leaking and online activism community, which has used Ghostbin as the de facto go-to location/service of choice to post/share nearly all of their data over the years. Ironically though, this is also exactly why the service will now be closing. For now, I suppose all that’s left to say is Rest In Peace Ghostbin, you were a good little copy and paste service – the best one of your time! You will be missed – salute!

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