4 alternatives to stop snoring that work

Don’t let your snoring ruin your nights? Has your bed become a battlefield with your partner because of this situation? Discover alternatives to help you stop snoring naturally.

Have a peppermint tea infusion before bed

Snoring occurs because the airways constrict and vibrate the tissues of the throat as air flows. For this reason, snoring disorders are often associated with respiratory problems, flu or ENT problems. The infusion of peppermint tea helps relax the upper body and frees the throat to allow air to pass through.

lose weight

Losing weight is also very beneficial for those who snore a lot (and their bedfellows), since being overweight is closely linked to snoring.

The cervical tissue of an obese person creates the vibrations produced by snoring and also increases sleep apnea. It is certain that many obese people you know snore, so you should consider whether you really want to stop snoring.

Those who sleep on their side snore less

When you sleep on your back, the pressure in your throat and throat increases, and your tongue impedes air passage as it should. It has been proven that you snore less if you sleep on your side. Prefer lying on your side to make breathing easier and reduce snoring.

Avoid drinking alcohol at night

Alcohol can, among other things, cause the tongue to relax a lot during sleep, impede the passage of air and encourage very loud snoring.

If you want to avoid it, cut back on alcoholic beverages in the evening. This significantly reduces your tendency to snore. Rest assured that many people at home will thank you.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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