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Less than one person in a thousand can figure out the answer. Is that you?

We all need math skills in our lives, whether it’s calculating our bills, doing our weekly groceries, or creating an annual budget and using our monthly income. Flexibility of thinking and mathematical calculations are some of the skills required to solve these problems.

Mathematical intelligence generally represents your ability to justify and perform basic arithmetic calculations. It also helps you understand geometric shapes and manipulate equations.

Mathematical intelligence is an indicator of general intelligence because many everyday mental tasks require simple arithmetic operations. For this reason, math tests are often included in IQ tests.

While IQ can be a (controversial) indicator of things like academic success, experts warn that it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success in life.

Sometimes, people with very high IQs don’t fare so well in life, while people with average IQs can thrive.

What can IQ tests show?

Measuring intelligence with IQ tests has long been a hot and controversial topic in psychology and education. Math tests are one of the most popular types of psychological tests used today.

On many tests, a score of 100 is considered an average IQ.

68% of the values ​​are within one standard deviation of the mean (ie between 85 and 115). That means nearly 70% of people get a score that’s within plus or minus 15 points of the average. 95% of the results are within two standard deviations (between 70 and 130).

Scores really above these points represent only a small fraction of the population, meaning only a small percentage of people have a very low (below 70) or very high (above 130) IQ.

Scores below 70 may indicate the presence of some type of developmental or learning disability, while scores above 130 may indicate talent.

To try to solve this test, we recommend that you bring a sheet of paper, a pen… patience and all your wits.


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