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Natman Diet: Amazing Results

Formula to lose weight or express weight very quickly, the practice of the Natman diet does not exceed 4 days. These days are considered times when strict diets are allowed. It’s about reducing small amounts of protein, green vegetables, but especially sugary foods. It’s a diet well known among flight attendants who have seen quick results. 4 days diet would guarantee amazing results. In addition, good indications lead to better results.

The Natman Diet, how does it work?

As mentioned above, it is a diet that consists of eliminating certain types of food from your diet. Very popular for losing weight fast, it’s easy to follow.

The main thing is to exclude certain food groups from your plate. Fats, sugar and dairy products are not allowed. Smaller cuts of grilled meat, for example, can be the exception, as can fruit and vegetables in small quantities. It’s a diet that consists of drastically reducing calories. On the other hand, at this moment of the diet, water is allowed at will. However, depending on the physical health of the person, the advice of a nutritionist is highly recommended.

Here’s a little reference to a Natman diet:

Breakfast: coffee or tea (without sugar); half grapefruit

Lunch: 150 g beef, raw tomato, an apple.

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, green beans, a glass of pineapple juice (no sugar)

This example of a 4 day diet is great for fat loss and the results are visible very quickly. However, it is much more effective without meat. The Natman diet has to adhere to a very strict and uninterrupted meal plan.

With the Natman Diet you will lose 4 kg in 4 days.

During the first 4 days of the Natman diet, the body is in full tempo change and only from the 4th day do we enter a so-called stabilization phase. This stabilization phase lasts 7 days and essentially serves to stabilize the body on its new form of nutrition. Always during this phase, it is important to know that the body’s calorie needs are always greater than the needs of this diet. And it is only during this 7-day stabilization phase that the results are noticeable. Fat loss is almost acquired and complete by day 11 (4 + 7).

The Essential Foods of the Natman Diet

Even though the Natman diet dictates a specific diet, certain foods are still essential in the diet menu. We mainly quote:

Dried fruits: dates, goji, plums, mango, figs, grapes, bananas, strawberries, pineapples Fruits: bananas, oranges, papaya, pineapples, apples, avocados, cherries, peaches, plums Vegetables: cucumbers, carrots, green beans, lettuce, parsnips , squash, red peppers, beets, zucchini, kale, tomatoes, peas, beets, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower Lean fish: billaud, hake, haddock, dab, whiting, sole, canned tuna Beverages: water, black tea , Coffee

Among others we can mention eggs, seeds, spices and white meat that would also be indispensable in the Natman menu.

Is the Natman Diet suitable for pregnant women and the elderly?

As with any diet, the question always arises, can anyone do it?

With the main goal of losing weight very quickly, the Natman diet, like any weight loss diet, would be banned for children, the elderly, and pregnant women. To speak about the period of pregnancy, the pregnant woman needs strength to nourish her fetus and by depriving herself of essential elements for its development, she exposes herself to a risk that seriously affects her health and that of the fetus . .

Since the elderly are of a very fragile nature, this diet is not recommended for them at the same time.

Regardless of the goals, it is preferable to seek the opinion of a doctor before beginning the Natman Diet. Because the latter, although quick, can have long-term health consequences.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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