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4 reasons are the cause of weight gain.

Do you eat less than usual and still gain weight? Unfortunately yes ! These four things can be responsible for your obesity.

A fat stomach despite little food or simply feeling unwell, these phenomena usually have a very specific reason. Health Press breaks down the main reasons that usually lead to weight gain.

lack of physical activities.

You may not be eating more than usual, but you are moving less. Here is the first reason responsible for weight gain. Physical activity is very important in daily life. Not only does sedentary lifestyle lead to weight gain over time, but it also impacts cardiovascular health and lowers basal metabolic rate. Consume a certain amount of calories per day without burning them, otherwise your body will start storing calories as fat, eventually leading to noticeable weight gain and risk factors like high cholesterol, gout, etc.

One physical training session per day is enough to regain your ideal weight.

Unbalanced diet.

Are you eating less but still gaining weight? So you eat badly!

Unhealthy food, or junk food, includes any food that is high in fat and carbohydrates. Even more so when your eating rhythm revolves around fast food and fast food. Their high salt, sugar, fat and additives content promotes water retention and leads to cardiovascular problems, kidney failure and type 2 diabetes. A high-calorie diet leads to weight gain and even obesity.

What falls under the unbalanced diet is the consumption of low-fat products. Some people think that drinking a sugar-free soda or making a fruit mix based on industrially sugar-free orange juice can reward good nutrition when they’re wrong! Low-fat products have at least 5g of sugar per 100g. In addition, this type of product fools your brain and accustoms your body to sugar, implying a feeling of deficiency during the day when orientation towards sweets would be very likely. Replace low-fat products with fruit or foods with no added sugar, organic and organic.


Snacking between meals or while cooking is rather negligible for the majority! These little things are the cause of obesity. A balanced diet with varied physical activities, if you eat little extras during meals or when you see fit, they, in turn, will prevent weight loss and all your efforts will crumble.

Does Stress Cause Weight Gain?

To ease your anxiety and reduce your stress, you tend to eat more than usual. A large majority of psychotherapists agree that stress is one of the main causes of weight gain. With or without overeating, stress, depression or even anxiety are very powerful tensions to manage. Resorting to sweet, fatty, and high-energy foods gives comfort and allows the release of endorphin and dopamine, two hormones responsible for feeling well-being and calming.

It is recommended to take yoga or dance classes, listen to music or organize group activities, which would greatly help in coping with stress and relieving negative mental tension. This, in turn, would bring the weight back to normal.


Obesity does not necessarily occur with junk food or a sedentary lifestyle, several studies have been conducted to demonstrate the influence of genetics on obesity. And it turns out that certain cells in the brain system responsible for feeding are hereditary. In other words, being overweight does not mean that correcting it is absolutely a mistake, since it is very likely that you have inherited a genetic mechanism that is responsible for being overweight. However, it is always advisable to opt for a healthy and regular diet and follow an exercise program with the help of a trainer or on your own to keep your weight within the standards.

As paradoxical as it may seem, you can actually gain weight even if you eat little. Because if you don’t eat properly, your body switches to energy-saving mode and the calories burned are stored in reserve. Eat better!

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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