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The best mosquito repellent plants to enjoy your garden

We try to scare them off in any way we can because if they come into the room and won’t let you sleep, their dreaded buzzing and stinging can keep you up all night. I’m talking about mosquitoes, those natural enemies of man that afflict us with such annoying bites. But they are not only annoying in houses, if you have a terrace, a garden or a balcony and like to use them, you also know what it means to have annoying mosquitoes in the vicinity of the apartment.

You can put commercial mosquito repellents around your house to keep them out and not bother you, but what happens when you’re outside? You need to think about other methods, even if you don’t want to use chemicals in your home or repellents on yourself, you can opt for other, more natural options. Add anti-mosquito plants in your garden, which have the function of keeping them away.

Here are the best mosquito repellent plants.


Who does not know lavender, its characteristic color and shape? Well, mosquitoes know that too and don’t like the smell at all. Considering how beautiful this plant is and how fragrant it is, it’s a great option to put in your home to keep mosquitoes away!


Basil is a plant that releases flavors without having to crush its leaves. The best basil for mosquitoes are lemon basil and cinnamon basil. When you are outside you can take the basil leaves and rub them on your skin to create a natural repellent, but if you are indoors with open windows or doors I advise placing one of the basil pots wherever you go suspect mosquitoes could get in.
In addition, basil gives off an aroma that helps relieve mental fatigue. So if you like to keep the window open, don’t hesitate to put basil in your office for work too!


Lemongrass is a powerful natural repellent because it gives off a citrusy scent that mosquitoes don’t like at all. Flies don’t like it either, so this plant is also recommended to repel them. It emits such a strong odor that it is difficult for mosquitoes to pick up our scent to attack us, leaving us “camouflaged”.


Another plant that is ideal for repelling mosquitoes is catnip, which is also useful for repelling roaches. It is also known as catnip, catnip or cat basil, although this plant is known not only for its mosquito repellent properties but also for its effects on cats who are very attracted to it.


Another super effective mosquito repellent plant is marigold, which can ward off various garden pests.

lemon geranium

Its small, star-shaped leaves emit a pleasant lemon scent that repels flies and mosquitoes. This outdoor plant does not need too much water and also supports the effects of the sun very well.

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