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The new wellness trend.

Baby massage has become a therapy used from the first day of birth to relax him and participate in the overall development of his physical and mental health.

How to teach your baby to give a massage Are there any requirements for your baby to enjoy all the benefits of massage? You will find out after this article.

Be your baby’s therapist!

It’s true, when your baby arrives, your everyday life changes completely and you become very attached to him throughout the day. Providing for their needs is an indescribable pleasure that only an innate relationship builds between a mother and her child. The new trend that can bring well-being to your child is massage. It’s important to know if your baby likes being massaged or not! Indeed, for a massage session, like any other natural need, it must be prepared. Take your baby in your arms and bring him to a room with the right temperature and talk to him in a very soft tone!

Get in the right posture and stay alert!

You can sit, lean against a wall or headboard with a pillow behind you, stretch your legs forward, and then bring your feet together. Then you can put a soft pillow between your legs and put your baby on it. If your baby is too restless, you can also hold him in your arms and sit or lie down with his upper body slightly raised.

Be a good communicator!

If your baby likes to be naked, you can undress them completely. However, if he gets quite restless, cover his torso and leave his legs and feet uncovered. For the first baby massage sessions it is good to only massage the feet and legs as most children are less sensitive to this than to the upper body.

Now warm your hands by rubbing them together and add the massage oil. Smile at your baby and keep talking to him.

Then start massaging his feet by making small circles with your thumb and forefinger. If he’s not uncomfortable, continue the circular motion to his legs, then remove the blanket and try to place your hand on his chest before continuing your massage. If it doesn’t cause a groan, resume your circular motion, gradually continuing with the whole body.

You can sit with your feet together and hold your baby in your arms while he gets used to the circular movements of the foot, or you can put him between your legs. Babies often feel very safe. However, if you are uncomfortable, you can kneel in front of your baby.

Prerequisite for use before the baby massage.

It is important that the room is warm enough (about 24 degrees), in a quiet place where the light must be relaxing and of low intensity Bring a blanket or comfortable rug to lie on and a soft pillow to lie on with baby . You can also do the baby massage on the bed when it is not occupied. A suitable oil that is as natural as possible is essential. almond oil and jojoba oil, which you can also mix with a few drops of relaxing lavender oil. Lavender contributes to relaxation and promotes sleep, soft and calm music promotes well-being. You can also hum or sing a little yourself during the massage, because babies love to hear their parents’ voices. A very important prerequisite is your own well-being. When you’re super stressed and tense, you can’t calm your baby down. That’s why it’s important to relax and time your baby massage before you start baby massage: your child would be more welcoming if they weren’t busy. Avoid massaging him when he is crying or hungry. It would be less available and no benefit would be gained. * Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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