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Drinking water to lose weight: how does it work?

Water is vital! These three evils speak for themselves. Water is one of the main components of our body and therefore essential for survival.

The function of water in the human body.

The body of an adult is at least 65% water, which equates to 45 liters of water for a 70 kg person.

The amount of water in the body depends on physiology, gender and age. However, it decreases over the years.

Since we don’t have a reservoir in the body, the water we take in is not stored.

In fact, it is continuously excreted, either through urine or through exhalation.

Just to say that for a healthy body, water losses must be replaced by drinking and eating water-rich foods. It should be noted that many foods contain water and that in large quantities. The vital organs therefore have a larger water tower.

It serves as a breeding ground for our cells and blood vessels and fulfills other functions such as:

Water is our body’s thermoregulator: it allows us to maintain a constant body temperature by absorbing heat, which it transforms into perspiration.It allows us to eliminate metabolic waste by facilitating the movement of food. It is also involved in chemical reactions in the body.

Therefore, needless to say, water is essential for our survival and for the functioning of our entire body and even for our brain and physical performance.

It is therefore recommended to drink 2 liters of water daily.

Pros and cons of not drinking water during the day.

If we do not give our body the required sufficient amount of water, it jeopardizes the entire functioning of the body, including our life.

It keeps us fit, proof that nothing beats quenching your thirst with water.

A good hydration allows us to avoid certain muscular limitations.

It allows us to make the most of our cognitive and mental abilities. By drinking water regularly, our ability to concentrate is much more present.

And for beauty fans, water ensures silky smooth skin without blemishes or acne.

What is said upstream is reason enough to drink water. However, the opposite exposes us to various ailments such as: B. Transit problems that can lead to intestinal disorders and constipation. The functioning of all body cells is slowed down, causing us to have problems with concentration and digestion.

The best way to drink water for those who forgot

Drinking water is good, but drinking it at good times is even better.

It is advisable to split the water consumption as follows:

Drink a 200ml glass of water upon waking: it facilitates the elimination of toxins and rehydrates the organs while stimulating the digestive system. Drink a 200ml glass of water before breakfast: to maintain our weight, water is very important before each breakfast meal to reduce appetite and aid digestion Drink two 200ml glasses of water in the morning: it wakes us up metabolism and allows effective transfer of the nutrients, vitamins and proteins ingested during meals Drink a 200ml glass of water before lunch: As mentioned above, always drink water before meals to control weight Drink two in the afternoon Glasses of 200 ml of water: A way to hydrate your body and act on the proper functioning of your metabolism, which is always active during this slot. Drink a glass of water of 200 ml before dinner: Highly recommended because it acts as an appetite suppressant and prevents overeating. Drink Two 200ml glasses of water before bed: To prevent dehydration during Sc To prevent hlafs, this amount of water allows your body to cleanse itself of accumulated toxins.

Voila, you have successfully reached your normal water intake! If you forget, several free applications are available to remind you that it’s time to drink!

Define how to drink a lot of water to lose weight

Not drinking water makes us fat and the opposite makes us lose weight.

Drinking before a meal is a natural appetite suppressant to reduce the amount consumed by priming the stomach.

Combined with lemon, it is excellent for better digestion and elimination of toxins.

Drinking tap water or hot water on an empty stomach in the morning is a very beneficial ritual for basic metabolism. This maneuver allows you to gently wake up the stomach, speed up the metabolism responsible for burning fat and counteract premature aging of cells.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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