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How do you treat an adductor injury?

Located on the inner thigh, the adductors are muscles that allow movements and are useful for keeping the pelvis correct and in very uncomfortable positions. They are also requested during hip flexion or external rotation.

However, they can become painful if you move incorrectly or if you exercise too intensively. Such is the case with tall athletes who complain of strains and strains.

The point on the adductors in this article!

What Are the Symptoms of Adductors?

If you experience inner thigh pain during or after physical activity, you are probably suffering from adductor pain! Be careful, you probably overexerted yourself physically or it just wasn’t necessary.

With rest, the pain goes away and comes back in an even more painful way at the slightest prompt. This pain is usually due to overexertion in sports, poor stretching, or simply a breakdown.

However, the diagnosis must be made in a more optimal way with a sports doctor who will make the difference between the painful leg and the undamaged one. The latter will propose you an ultrasound, which will make it possible to pinpoint the true causes of these pains before offering you an adequate cure.

However, what is the best way to cure adductor pain?

How do you treat an adductor injury?

A well-known principle: rest is the deadly weapon against adductor pain. It’s a basic reflex that’s applied automatically when you feel pain. To do this, we advise you to limit physical activities completely and to take a break of at least 4 weeks.

However, some people experience more acute pain and it is important to follow certain principles to avoid prolonged and persistent exposure to it. After the first four weeks of rest, resumption of sport must be gradual, avoiding sudden movements. Biking or swimming are generally recommended to stretch and strengthen the adductors at the same time.

So, how to relieve the pain of the first few weeks?

The attack of the adductors is very painful to live, however, many techniques have seen the day to cushion them and at the same time prevent them. For example, take a towel and place a block of ice on it to apply to the affected area for 10 minutes three times a day.

In the case of massage oils, applications to the painful area are also recommended, and at a calculated frequency.

Massage creams are also available to relieve pain.

Therefore, if the pain persists, going to the consultation is mandatory!

How do you strengthen the adductors?

In order to avoid all the complications that arise from his weak adductors, it is interesting to look at exercises or remedies that can strengthen them well.

Strengthen adductors while lying down:

Keeping your feet on the floor for support and lying on your side is one of the best adductor strengthening techniques. Placed in front of the leg performing the movement.

Then lift that leg towards the thigh, inside it and as high as you can. Switch sides after every 10 repetitions.

Standing Adductor Strengthening:

This exercise is generally performed using an elastic band on a vertical support that acts as a support, such as a bench. B. a table or a pole fixed in the ground. Before you begin, make sure your body is stabilized and your legs are apart.

Then try to gently bring the leg attached to the elastic back to the starting position. You can also switch positions and legs for better balance.

These are exercises that work your adductors. If reinforced and done well, these exercises will allow you to have a more stable posture to perform all the flexions of the joints and all the daily movements.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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