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The different dances to lose weight

In order to tone and refine your body, it is important to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. However, not all sports produce the same results.

In this dynamic, the dance caught our attention.

Is it a sport that has health benefits? What about the calories we burn while exercising? How Really Practicing Dance Can Lead to Weight Loss?

Some details in this article!

Can you lose weight while dancing?

Losing weight by dancing is not an illusion. On the other hand ! For this reason there are different types of dances, according to the goals that one defines. Each type has a specific purpose and helps maintain the body in different ways. We can determine:

Salsa Zumba Classical dance: African or urban dance

However, with a view to losing pounds, the practice of zumba, salsa, samba or ballet is suggested as it promotes fat burning and maintains good stamina. These dances are also an excellent way to burn off calories and therefore contribute more to weight loss.

In general, a one-hour dance practice causes a calorie consumption between 200 and 600 kcal. It is a very important and fast expenditure of energy for weight loss.

It is a physical activity in its own right, which must be accompanied by a balanced diet in order to obtain visible and lasting results.

Dancing to lose weight?

Discipline both playful and directed, dancing is one of those activities that promote weight loss. In reality, when dancing, the whole body moves. And this movement is great for burning energy and calories.

It could be said that dancing helps you lose weight, especially if it is practiced once a week in the best conditions.

However, what are the special features that need to be taken into account when practicing different types of dance?

Which dance burns the most calories?

Practicing the dance according to the goals remains a better way to not get discouraged and have a regular follow-up. And among the dances that would promote rapid weight loss, we can note:

Zumba: It is mainly practiced in fitness rooms and puts even more emphasis on fitness. It is a dance based on a dozen steps that are performed alternately. With that you could consume 500 kcal/h. Having stronger arms and losing weight remain the main goals. At Zumba you can burn 500 kcal/h

Dancing for a flat stomach?

Have you ever heard of belly dancing? Yes, it’s a dance that exists and is gaining more and more followers. It is practiced through the dissociation of the body parts, which move alternately and completely independently. It also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and back in depth.

However, knowing how to breathe well is a skill coaches teach during dance classes. This breathing not only removes toxins and ejects burned calories, but also acts on the whole body while causing a massage.

Which dance for the elderly?

After 50 years, the dance is practiced with different goals. Instead of Zumba, oriental dance, other dances are preferred.

This is the yoga dance that follows a warm up based on yoga postures under dance music and then returns to the state of meditation to relax and unwind. Yoga dance is highly sought after by people as they age to maintain muscle flexibility and alleviate chronic diseases and ailments that come with age.

Recall :

All dances can participate in weight loss. If you move the whole body for a period of time, you can work it gently and get better results during a long-lasting exercise. Dancing is similar to physical activity but usually relies on music and a good atmosphere. Where there is music, there is joie de vivre!

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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