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Fatigue: these anti-fatigue superfoods

An end of the day, an end of total energy! Here is the remark that is generally made in public transport, traffic jams and even at home.

However, there are people who are exhausted all day long!

What is the origin of this endless weariness? How to avoid them? Are there special rations to always stay fit?

The focus in this article!

How do I avoid exhaustion?

Whether in family, friends, work or love life, exhaustion is a source of social problems that cannot be ignored. Constant exhaustion is also a source of several professional failures. Therefore, to avoid burnout and create a better balance in life, certain strategies are suggested to avoid it:

Plan Your Tasks: One of the best ways to stay fit physically and even mentally is to plan your tasks. This is to manage you and not make you feel too overwhelmed. Don’t accept all requests: One of the hardest answers these days is to say no! This inability robs us of a lot of energy and quickly leads to moral exhaustion, which leads to social and professional overload. Time Management: To be efficient and to manage your priorities well, a diary is necessary. Besides, nowadays there are better things than the agenda: the to-do list or Google Keep. Accessible from smartphones, computers, tablets, on the drive. Wherever you are, you’ll know the remaining priorities of the day in a minute.. Schedule breaks: In a well-defined work cycle, breaks are essential to regenerate and strengthen the body. For example, take the time to walk, listen to music, chat, get oxygen; so many practices that clear the mind and allow for better blood flow.

It should be noted that exhaustion is not just work-related, it can be parental, marital, and very quickly become distressing to very different degrees.

However, can we get extra doses of energy from the foods we eat?

Foods for tiredness?

In order to be in good physical condition, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. However, to wake up and ward off any kind of exhaustion, certain types of foods take over. We can determine:

It is the anti-fatigue food par excellence. Thanks to its high vitamin C content, it will give you back the vitality you need to start the day well. Note that it must be consumed raw, not in the form of juice. In reality, the citrus fibers are broken down in the juice. This literally reduces their anti-fatigue effect.

With a high content of vitamin C, the kiwi is perfect for staying in shape. If you take it once a day, you will get the recommended dose of vitamin C.

Spinach is low in iron and high in magnesium, which is useful for energy production. They are also a source of vitamin B9, which promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system.

One of the most effective herbs against losing shape thanks to its antioxidant action, which allows boosting metabolic energy and fighting oxidative stress. Add parsley to your dishes and you will be a winner!

Garlic: the white clove:

Raw or dried powder, the white pod is packed with physical and mental health benefits. Known as a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, the white pod protects the body from all bacteria, viruses and infections, therefore its properties play an essential role in strengthening the immune system.

If you lose shape, try a ginger infusion and you will feel that your body regains its strength very quickly.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, ginger reduces fatigue and stress as it boosts the basal metabolic rate to become more dynamic and active.

This list is not exhaustive, but other foods can complement it to avoid very pronounced fatigue.

Drinks are not left out!

Drinks recommended as superfoods

In addition to physical nutrition, drinks are inexhaustible sources of energy. Under :

Coffee: Among the most consumed beverages in the world, drinking 3 cups of coffee a day has a super stimulating effect on the body Tea: Red, green, white or black, tea is full of tremendous virtues on the nervous system, promoting concentration and Learn by heart.

Taking care of your diet means taking care of your physical shape, it also means taking care of your health!

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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