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How many calories are needed per day to lose weight?

Again and again the question of weight loss in sustainable quality arises! How does it work and how many calories are recommended and necessary to lose weight?

In reality, this amount of calories in the body is the source of either weight loss or weight gain.

In this article we will dwell in more detail on the actual calorie consumption of the body needed to lose weight.

How do we calculate our calories?

To ensure the proper functioning of the body, the body needs a sufficient amount of calories, which must be supplied daily. However, this amount depends on several factors that we should control to have an accurate idea of ​​​​calculating our calories. Estimating the energy requirement is therefore a priority. Start with :

This is the minimum energy required by the body at rest to perform its survival functions. For example, good digestion, functioning organs and maintaining body temperature.

Harris and Benedict are the forerunners of this thesis, which is calculated as follows:

For the man = [13,7516 x Poids (en kg)] + [500,33 x Taille (en m)] – (6.7550 x age) + 66.473.

For the woman: [9,5634 x Poids (en kg)] + [184,96 x Taille (en m)] – (4.6756 x age) + 655.0955.

Example: For a 35-year-old woman with a height of 1.60 cm and a weight of 58 kg, the basic metabolism is as follows:

554.6772 + 295.935 – 163.646 + 655.0955 = 1342

1342 kcal per day, that is the amount of kcal that the body needs to ensure its survival.

It is also an essential criterion for objectively calculating the body’s calorie needs. You should know that in addition to its vital needs, the body consumes additional calories every day. Therefore, the basal metabolic rate already calculated must be multiplied by a coefficient related to physical activity and per day. Here is an example calculation:

Physical activity coefficientSedentary1.3Light physical activity1.375Moderate physical activity1.55Intense physical activity1.725Very intense physical activity1.9

Let’s go back to the example of the 35-year-old woman. Assuming moderate physical activity, his daily requirement results from the product basal metabolic rate multiplied by 1.55. Which will give us 2080 kcal.

Compared to the previous calculations, 2080 kcal represents the total energy requirement that the body needs to function normally. This means that for this woman, consuming 2080 kcal per day has no impact on weight. She will not gain or lose any more pounds!

However, it is important to consult with a doctor to tailor specific answers to your goals.

Calculating calories to lose weight: is that enough?

The theory of target calorie counting for weight loss has many limitations. For good reason, the body puts in nutrients first before calories. This means that calorie restriction without adequate nutrients will result in weight loss. For example, two foods may have the same caloric equivalency but not nutrient equivalency.

However, a balanced diet is the best solution for rapid and permanent weight loss.

How many calories do the food sources contain?

In order to adjust your diet, it is important to calculate the calories contained in the food sources. We have therefore opted for foods with a very high calorie intake.

Avocado Oil 900 kcal Oil Blend 899 kcal Soybean Oil 899 kcal Semi-salted Butter 732 kcal Mayonnaise 727 kcal Unsalted Butter 745 kcal Dark Chocolate 572 kcal White Chocolate Bars 545 kcal Whole Milk Powder 491 kcal Vinaigrette 473 kcal Nougat 450 kcal to impart health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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