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Low potassium intake is associated with greater vascular stiffness.

Much has been said about potassium for its role in blood pressure, which it can lower even with high sodium intake. The sodium/potassium ratio has therefore become an important factor in blood pressure control.

However, little attention has been paid to the role of potassium on vascular function. This is exactly what an American team did, studying the relationship between potassium intake and systemic vascular stiffness, as assessed by the Aortic Augmentation Index (AI).

The authors observe a positive association between AI and the Na/K ratio of unit excretion, while there is no association for Na excretion alone. In addition, carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity is inversely related to urinary potassium excretion. All of these data suggest that low potassium intake is associated with greater arterial stiffness, independent of sodium intake.

Another good reason to think about a sufficient diet with vegetables and fruit!

Lennon-Edwards S. Lower potassium intake is associated with increased wave reflection in young healthy adults, Nutrition Journal,

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