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The principle of Esalic massage and its benefits.

When it comes to joint and muscle pain, nothing beats a good massage that explores all parts of the body.

Today, however, the benefits of massage go beyond the original framework of physical healing, it is also an important ally against stress and trauma. The Esalen massage, for example, is a holistic massage technique that places more emphasis on the emotions for greater well-being. In this article we will take stock of this type of massage, its benefits and indications for health in general.

What is the Esalen massage?

A calm and liberating approach, the Esalien massage is more aimed at awakening sensuality. The touch, which is also part of his approach, allows for a better perception of his body. It is an oil massage that has its origins in the Swedes, insofar as most of the actions performed are intuitive. And that’s why it’s difficult to validate through very structured technical and scientific processes.

The person practicing the Esalen message must be in the same dynamic as the person being massaged; that is, he must adapt his movements to his reactions, the massage recipient must be in deep relaxation and pay attention to every part of his body. This method is excellent because it allows for honest communication with yourself.

The great peculiarity of the Esalien massage is that it allows people to relax completely and in a holistic way. However, it can be practiced for specific purposes; for example to heal joint pain. Therefore, keep in mind that the relationship between the massaged person and the therapist must be based on mutual trust.

What is the origin of the Esalen massage?

The concept of Esalen massage was first theorized at the Esalen Institute, a growth center that emphasized the release of body complexes, the best expression of feelings, and the development of human qualities.

Nowadays we would rather speak of a research center in neuroscience or personality development. Her technique derives from Swedish massage and Charlotte Selver’s sensory technique. Thus, in 1968, Molly Day Shackman gave the first Esalen Massage workshop at the Esalen Institute. This general public massage aimed to highlight all the benefits it could offer to the body. And since then, the philosophy of Esalen massage has never changed, although some therapists try to modify or add other body approaches.

What are the benefits of Esalen massage?

Thanks to its gentle approach, the Esalen message is packed with many health benefits. First, it allows for great relaxation and a deep connection between body and mind. It is also useful for the purpose of treating or relieving muscle pain, whether temporary or chronic. Also effective against constipation, the Esalen massage includes a treatment for the abdomen. However, questions arise about how to practice this massage!

Doing the Esalen massage, but how?

This massage primarily concerns the therapist who normally has to be accredited by the Esalen Institute. Once this condition is met, the flow of the session will be as follows:

An Esalen massage session lasts 75 minutes and initially the person being massaged is invited to become aware of their emotions and gradually free themselves. She generally has to be naked. And unlike other classic oil massages, the Esalen massage doesn’t follow a strict protocol. The first touch, which is very important, must be maintained for a moment to connect with the person, followed by slow movements to connect all parts of the body.

After that, the therapist varies his movements depending on the degree of relaxation of the patient. It ends with movements open to the outside with the aim of creating a sense of space.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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