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Headaches after exercise: how can that be explained?

Headaches can occur before or after physical activity. However, several factors are at the root of these disorders. And yet physical activity at the base was beneficial against migraine attacks. What has changed in the meantime? Are our ways of doing sports different? Where are these headaches coming from?

The causes of headaches during physical exertion: is it normal?

As mentioned above, sport allows us to release the emotional charge present in the body while preventing headaches. Nowadays, this activity can have the opposite effect and trigger common problems.

For example, an athlete with migraines may experience headaches more or less frequently during or shortly after exercise. And depending on the severity, headaches can be divided into two types:

– Simple headache:

These headaches are generally unknown and can be caused by stress, fatigue, and intense physical activity.

They cause stabbing pain in the form of beats or pulsations for two days.

Also note that dehydration can be a cause of frequent headaches.

– Complex headaches:

These headaches are also known as secondary or circumstantial headaches and generally have three causes.

Headache associated with cough Headache associated with sexual intercourse Headache associated with physical exertion

Therefore, stress-related headaches occur after more or less intense physical activity. In fact, the oxygen supply to the tissues is too low during this intense activity. It is a phenomenon that finds its origin in vascular reactions. For example, when you have a headache, the veins in your brain are drained to 50% of their true supply.

So, what are the real causes of exertion headaches?

Heavy weight bearing, weight lifting, or cardio-intensive activities can cause frequent headaches while increasing intracranial pressure.

Dehydration is a major factor that contributes to exercise-related headaches. In fact, during dehydration, there are few fluids in the body and they tend to interfere with free blood circulation and create intracranial vasoconstriction, causing headaches.

Headache after exercise, what to understand

Post-exercise headaches occur in the brain because blood vessels dilate beyond their reasonable capacity. This puts enormous pressure on the meninges and causes headaches.

Among other manifestations we can note:

A combination of high blood pressure, high heart rate, thick blood, a contraction of the arteries that creates a concentration of blood that wants to enter the brain in record time, causing the brain’s vessels to dilate.

Low sugar levels can also explain post-exercise headaches.

How do you deal with a headache after physical exertion?

Post-exercise headaches are never insignificant. It is even said that you shouldn’t have a headache after exercising, no matter what the intensity, on the contrary, you have to be in a certain state of well-being, a certain level of physical well-being.

However, if you are experiencing these discomforts, it is imperative that you go back to determine the real causes. This article can help you identify the source of these evils first and avoid them later.

Therefore, when these headaches appear, it is recommended to take anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs (for example, aspirin). These drugs are usually prescribed for recurring headaches.

Therefore, they can be effectively prevented by observing a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and hydration.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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